Media & Promotion

Actor, writer, producer, director, and Queen of all nerds, Felicia Day, talks about Dragon Burn Designs and the gear we provided to The Guild during their 4 part Dungeons & Dragons livestream on Twitch.

You can see all The Guild D&D episodes and more on Felicia Day’s twitch channel here.

Actor, writer, producer, director and renowned Dungeon Master, Amy Vorpahl, shows off her new custom Nat20 Spell Tome dice box.

You can watch Amy in action on her twitch channel here.

The cast of The Guild shows off their Nat20s during the 4 part D&D live stream on twitch while giving Dragon Burn Designs a shout out.

You can catch all of The Guild D&D episodes on Felicia Day’s Twitch channel here.

Demonstration and How Tos

A nervously narrated introductory video to the Nat20 spell tome dice box. (please pardon the “umms” and “uhhs”)

A short demonstration video of our Nat20 Ravenscape dice box in Slate with black straps, a dice loft, a media stand, a journal, a spell tracker and a Caddypult in use.

Why just roll initiative when you can LAUNCH it? Check out our exclusive line of dice launchers…

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of our care package build for Felicia Day and The Guild

Behind the scenes dice box building

Laser Engraving of a D&D Class Leather Journal for The Guild