Mystic “Phoenix”


Disguised as an old book, this solid wood dice box is the D&D accessory any critical roller would love to bring to the table. Both decorative and functional, the Mystic Spell Tome features antique brass style hardware and is hand-finished in your choice of dark walnut, slate, red oak or plum.
Inside is lined in black velvet with a die-rolling surface over 8″ long and 6″ wide. That’s right, no more cocked-rolls or awkward adventures under the table in search of wayward dice.
Updated for 2021 with antique brass rivets, durable leather hinges and a wider leather closure strap the Mystic includes your choice of removable dice storage caddies that fit snugly inside. We also include a custom made “kickstand” to help utilize space more efficiently by using the Mystic’s open door as an additional surface. Even with all that, there’s still enough room left to store a 4 inch by 6 inch notebook, tokens, etc.

For the superstitious or super-organized, our integrated “Dice Loft” helps you keep your most used dice at your fingertips, or your unluckiest dice in jail.

– Matching 120 page leather Adventurer’s Journal
– Integrated Dice Loft
– Cell Phone/Tablet stand

Replaces the standard rolling surface lining with polished leather

Add custom text to the spine of your Dice Box. (Limit 20 characters)

Add custom text to the cover of your Nat20. Will appear above the top strap. (Limit 18 characters)

Add custom text to the cover of your Nat20. Will appear below the bottom strap. (Limit 18 characters)

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Additional information

Weight 28 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 in
Wood Finish

Dark Walnut, Slate, Plum, Red Oak

Inner Dice Caddy

Standard, Advantage, Tiny Hut, Caddypult