The Guild D&D Stream Giveaway

The Guild is playing D&D again and we’re giving away a Nat20 dice box during each of their live streams.

Join The Guild cast: Felicia Day, Jeffrey Lewis, Amy Okuda, Vince Caso, Sandeep Parikh and Robin Thorsen, with DM Amy Vorpal for another exciting, 4-episode run of live streamed D&D.

FIRST FOUR SUNDAYS IN AUGUST AT 7pm PST, 10pm PST! … Go to Felicia’s Twitch channel here:

TO ENTER: Be in Felicia’s Twitch chatroom during the live stream and watch for instructions from the moderators. (US. RESIDENTS ONLY)


Nat20 Griffin Burn Dice Box

Nat20 Griffin Burn Spell Tome Dice Box

Disguised as a rustic, battle-worn old book engraved with our exclusive Raven image, this hand-finished, wooden dice box is the D&D accessory any critical roller would love to bring to the table.

Inside is a velvet-lined die-rolling surface over 8″ long and 6″ wide. That’s right, no more cocked-rolls or awkward adventures under the table in search of wayward dice.  Also comes standard with a 2×6 inch removable dice caddy (upgradeable to several options) that fits snugly inside as well as a custom made “kickstand” to help utilize space by using the flat open lid as an additional surface. Even with all that, there’s still enough room left to store a 4 inch by 6 inch notebook, tokens, etc.