Our Exclusive “Ravenscape” Design is Now Available on our Mystic Dice Boxes

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Mystic Ravenscape Dice Box

By popular demand, we’ve updated the Ravenscape design to fit on our Mystic spell tome dice boxes. Available in Plum, Slate, Dark Walnut and Red Oak, the Mystic dice box features antique bronze hardware, strong leather hinges and closure as well as a roomy, velvet-lined interior, your choice of removeable dice caddy and lots of other options. Click here for more details.

Redesigned media stand replaces cell phone and tablet stands

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We’ve dropped our +1 Cell Phone and +2 Tablet stands and replaced them with a single media stand that will hold most phones and tablets. It features our Dragon over brick design on the front with our Vorpal Sword over brick on the back. It has arch-shaped cutouts to channel charging cables and a more elegant profile. Check it out for yourself here.

The 2021 model Nat20 and Mystic dice boxes are here!

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Nat20 Dragonscape Dice Box

2020 has been awful, so we decided to go ahead and release the 2021 models a little early…

On the Nat20s, we’ve replaced the black nails that help secure the leather to the cover with large antique brass rivets. This makes the Nat20 even better looking and more durable than before. We’ve also increased the size of the optional Dice Loft.

For the Mystic boxes we’ve replaced the metal hinges with a more durable leather and antique brass rivet hinge design. We feel this adds both aesthetic appeal as well as increased overall longevity.

Check out the box updates here!