We are Dragon Burn Designs.

Our company began when we originally designed and built the Nat20 for our own personal use after a few sessions playing D&D at our local gaming shop in April of 2018. We found that in gaming shops, not only do dice like to roll all over the place (especially the floor), elbow room tends to be at a premium. To alleviate these issues, we set out to build our own multi-functional solution. We wanted something with a contained rolling-surface, flexible dice containment and non-playing time storage, easy to carry around and aesthetically pleasing … In other words, something more than an over-priced, open-faced tray like we’d seen online.

After a couple weeks of shopping off the shelf parts, we built our first Nat 20s dice boxes. We took them to our weekly D&D table and the next thing we knew, people from other tables were asking if we could build one for them. This prompted us to try selling them on Etsy. As it turned out we had invented an entirely new category of RPG accessory; the Dice Book. After two & a half years, over 2,500 sales & a 5 star feedback average on Etsy, we decided to open our own website to better serve you.

Every product you see on our site is still built by us, the Palmer family (Adrian, Kim, Kayla and Kelsey) in our home shop, in Orlando Florida.