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Role Playing Game Accessories

Dragon Burn Designs is a small, family-owned company built on singular concept; create cool-looking dice trays that provide both a contained rolling surface while playing and storage for dice, mini-figs and other accessories while not. With that idea, we invented the first dice book disguised as a spell tome on the market. We called it the Nat20. With the Nat20 spell tome dice book as our core product, we started a small D&D / Tabletop RPG accessory shop on Etsy. From there we expanded to create innovate, unique and fun Dungeons & Dragons and RPG tabletop gaming accessories not found anywhere else. We continue to strive to create unique RPG tabletop gaming accessories others haven’t thought of, like the Caddypult dice launching dice caddy and our custom engraved-leather D&D Class Journals. We do all of this while striving to maintain nothing less than the highest level of customer service possible.

About Our Materials

All of our Dice Boxes are made of sustainable Kukui and Birch woods, genuine leather, nails and glue. Our accessories are made of Maple wood and our journals are made from genuine leather. As with any organic materials, there will be natural variations. No two Dice Boxes, Dice Trays, Cell Phone Stands, Tablet Stands, Dice Towers, Caddypults, Minicats or Journals come out completely identical. However, they all come out beautiful and that’s what makes yours special.